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Safety Precautions for Thai Massage when Pregnant

Though not commonly known the application of Thai massage among pregnant women has a long history, and those women who have undergone it stress how relieving it can be to their body. Contrary to the popular belief that Thai massage involves strenuous stretches and thus it can be dangerous to pregnant women, it is important to note that Thai massages have many techniques.

The technique varies, and may include working on the hands, legs, arms, legs and the neck. All the techniques can easily be done as long as the therapist does not go to her midsection.

Safety Precautions during Thai Massage when pregnant

It is recommended that more pillows be used for extra comfort and especially on the side position. Therapists should be able to properly communicate with pregnant women to ask them what feels right and what doesn’t.

Many techniques can be done on a pregnant woman but the techniques should not compress, twist or stretch the midsection. When the woman is heavily pregnant, therapists should avoid heavy duty stretches and high pressure on the lower back. It is also recommended that body twists should not be done on the upper body.

If possible, the therapist can just focus on the feet, neck and arms. They should be done with extreme care in a gentle manner.

In conclusion, it is possible to conduct a Thai massage session on a pregnant woman as long as not so much pressure is applied and extreme stretching is avoided.

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