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Is it Bad to Shower After a Massage

Showering after massage is recommended for several reasons. During the massage process, your therapist is highly likely to use different lotions and oils which need to provide friction. Some therapists use aromatherapy scents during some types of massages. Even though some people may prefer the aromatherapy scents to stay on their skin, to others, it may feel a bit slick. The oils and the massages are only important especially during the massage, so it may not be as important to stay with it, hence a shower is recommended.

During the massage, some people may sweat as a result of the sweat glands reacting to the environmental temperature and pressure. This many in turn, after the massage, dry on your skin and thus blocking the tiny pores for aeration. Showering is therefore recommended to remove the sweat.

However, the temperature of the water you choose to use after a massage has to be put into consideration. Hot water may be necessary especially just for relaxing, but extremely hot water may leave you with the feeling of dizziness. When you learn massage, you will be informed on all the appropriate actions that should be performed before and after massage. 

In conclusion, showering after a massage is not compulsory, you should only shower if you really want to, but you should be very careful with the temperature of the water.

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